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Toy Collecting Trends

The popularity of the CBS television series The Big Bang Theory follows a group of geeks on adventures in daily life from vintage game nights to date nights. Sheldon Cooper, the quirky main character of the series, along with his friends, is an avid fan boy, collecting comic books and other memorabilia that many viewers would love to see, hold and call their own.Fan boys and girls of many comic book heroes have grown up and become adults more or less like Sheldon Cooper. Some of them carefully collected the comic books, action figures and toys depicting their favorite comic book heroes and villains. Others read and played with them until they wore each dearly loved item down to dust.With the making of several movies, including the recently released Iron Man 3, comic books and related collectible toys have increased in popularity and value. Additionally, limited-edition toys and other paraphernalia are being manufactured to satiate the appetites of adults who still love their childhood heroes as well as children and teens who are being introduced to these heroes for the first time.

These new collectibles come in a wide range of styles and price points. One particular favorite is the classic PEZ dispenser. Comic book fans can collect their favorite heroes, while fans of PEZ dispensers in general can collect unique pieces from across the spectrum of cultural icons.

Another favorite collectible is the bobble head. Super-hero bobble heads from places like can fill out a fan boy or girl’s collection of memorabilia with a unique piece, and they display in your work cubicle a little more stylishly than poseable action figures.

Of course, action figures are far too wonderful, not to mention too classic, to be snubbed. In the best of all worlds, collectors should always buy two of each action figure, one to play with and enjoy and the other to keep mint in package. Some of today’s most collectible action figures include the Marvel Universe Build a Figure collection. The careful detail on each figure makes these particularly popular with collectors, and their many points of articulation make them lots of fun for play and posing.

Comic book fans like Sheldon and his posse are sure to enjoy the many inspired toys now available to add to standing collections. Whether rebuilding a collection after years of admiring those who kept their collectibles in mint condition or simply adding to a fabulous collection kept well for years, fans can rejoice in the continued popularity of comic book toys and memorabilia..

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