Most Collected Action Figures and Bobblehead Dolls

Action figures and bobblehead dolls are some of the most widely collected types of

Hasbro GI Joe FIREFLY Action Figure
Hasbro GI Joe FIREFLY Action Figure

products on the market. With a wide variety of different styles and characters to choose from, starting one of these collections is fairly simple and opens you up to many different collection possibilities. While you may find action figures and bobbleheads at different stores around the world, there are some characters that are more collectible and popular than others. Some of the most collected bobblehead dolls and action figures can be worth a great deal of money, especially after being retired. If interested in starting or expanding

your current collection, consider purchasing these highly collectible items.

G.I. Joe Action Figures
G.I. Joe have been some of the most popular action figure collectibles since his prototype creation in 1963. Today, there are many different styles and sizes of G.I. Joe action figures available that some start collections simply based on this popular character. One of the most valuable G.I. Joe action figures was from the Don Levine collection which sold for an amazing $20,000. This character is appealing to both children and adults worldwide.

Barbie 1959
Barbie 1959

Every little girl loves to play with Barbie dolls without knowing that they could be worth money if kept in excellent condition. Some specialty Barbies such as Diamond Barbie is a rare collectible item that features real diamonds and gold jewelry. Barbies are so collectible because there are thousands of different doll figures to choose from. Design your collection around a specific theme such as wedding barbies or mix and match your favorite dolls in a variety of styles.

Star Wars
As one of the most popular movie series of all times, it’s no wonder that Star Wars action figures are some of the most collected of all time. These action figures first hit the market in 1978 and have continued to expand up until today. There are many different characters such as Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker and Obi-Wan to choose from. Many of these action figures have different features, are made from different materials and come in different sizes that will only add to your current collection.

Major League Baseball Bobbleheads
Bobblehead dolls are extremely popular collectible items with Major League Baseball players being some of the most popular. While some bobbleheads are simply silly, others have real value such as Mickey Mantle, Willie Mays and Cal Ripken Jr. Bobbleheads also come in special edition styles that are excellent to add to collections. Many choose to collect MLB bobbleheads to showcase their love for the sport and their favorite team players in a different and unique way than others..

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