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Bobblehead Doll History

albert einstein bobbleheadThough they are now more popular than ever, bobblehead-style figurines have been around for years. Modern bobbleheads date back to at least the middle of the 19th century, and a similar wooden toy called an akabeko was made in Japan in the 17th century. Bobblehead materials have evolved over the years, and include wood, ceramics and plastic, as in contemporary bobbleheads.

Today’s bobblehead’s are available in all kinds of unique designs including sports figures, animals, famous historical personalities, celebrities and more. Bobbleheads appeal to all kinds of people, from children to grown-up sports fans and collectible toy enthusiasts. In response to this bobblehead craze, a number of high-end manufacturers are producing top-quality figures for collectors.

Bobbleheads were originally most popular as promotional toys, often featuring major sports figures and given to patrons at stadiums. Later, they became a popular advertising method, depicting brand mascots for a variety of products. Most recently, custom bobbleheads created for customers from photographs of themselves or their loved ones have become popular, with several retailers specializing in this type of figure. Custom producers can take a photograph and design a hilarious and realistic bobblehead “portrait.”

Bobbleheads have had the most popularity, however, as collectibles, and collectors can now buy their figures from a number of quality manufacturers. Funko, for example, creates bobbleheads using thousands of licensed characters from sports, movies, television and more, including celebrity images and famous advertising characters.  For historical bobblehead collectors, Royal Bobbles specializes in unique caricatures of famous figures from current politics or past centuries. Another quality producer is Bosley Bobbles, which also offers bobbleheads depicting a variety of popular characters and personalities.

Collectors looking for high-end bobbleheads from these and other manufacturers should look to as their online retailer of choice. As a premier vendor of quality bobbleheads, can help beginners build a collection or assist veteran collectors in finding their favorite characters. Their custom, personalized bobbleheads also make perfect gifts for birthdays and weddings. Anyone interested in these fun and collectible figures should try and experience their wide selection, top-notch custom bobbleheads and helpful customer service..

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