High End Bobblehead Collecting

Collecting bobbleheads may seem like a childish hobby to a lot of people, but those that collect them know that there is a lot of money to be made. It’s not unusual for some of the rarer bobbleheads to have a value well into the 4 figure range. Collecting them can be easy, but collecting the ones that have value takes a little know-how.


How it All Began
The concept that grew into what is now called bobbleheads actually got its start in the mid-1800s with a Russian story called The Overcoat. The story’s mention of a wobbling figure is thought to be the earliest record, and the concept transitioned into other countries until finally the idea was used by American sports in the 1900s.


Even though it was considered to be nothing more than a novelty at the time, limited edition giveaways like the Willie Mays bobblehead as well as giveaways by a variety of sports teams have continued to keep collecting them,  alive.


Bobblehead Collecting 101
It can be hard to judge which bobbleheads will gain value and which will not. One handy rule of thumb is to look at the bobblehead in terms of when and where it’s released. Is the person famous, is it part of a special event, is it signed, and how old is it? All of these questions can help determine whether a bobblehead has value or not.


With bobbleheads, condition isn’t always as important as it is with other collectable, but it’s smart to find those in the best condition possible. It’s also good to know what some of the terms mean when it comes to collecting bobbleheads.


Retail- These are some of the easiest to find and purchase because their usually sold in stores or online sites.
SGA/SGB- These are the acronyms most commonly used for bobbleheads that are part of a stadium giveaway. The value of these is usually determined by things like the size of the stadium and how many were given away, and since their typically sponsored, there’s usually a brand logo somewhere on them.
STH/ST– These bobbleheads tend to be a little rarer since their usually given to season ticket holders, usually as a way of thanking fans. These can be harder to find since their usually given to loyal fans who don’t often part with them.
NIB- These are often the most desired bobbleheads since the acronym stands for New In Box. This means that it’s still in the condition it was issued with all the original packaging and paperwork.

What’s the Value?
A bobbleheads value is typically determined by who it depicts and how many were made. There are two key terms to know when it comes to determining a value, but some bobbleheads are valuable even though they don’t really fit in either category like the 1964 Beatles or the Supreme Court Justice bobbleheads.
Vintage Baseball- These are the ones that helped start it all and can be some of the rarest and hardest to find.
Limited Edition- This is just what it sounds like and means that there aren’t a lot of copies out there.


Keeping a bobblehead collection in good condition is important, and displays are a handy way of doing that and showing off the collection at the same time. There are two main types of displays that are easily found: the single bobblehead and the multi-bobblehead displays.


Bobbleheads can be found just about anywhere. Auctions, auction sites like eBay, and private toy stores can all be great places to find rarer bobbleheads. Collecting them can be both fun and exciting as well as financially rewarding..

Most Collected Action Figures and Bobblehead Dolls

Action figures and bobblehead dolls are some of the most widely collected types of

Hasbro GI Joe FIREFLY Action Figure
Hasbro GI Joe FIREFLY Action Figure

products on the market. With a wide variety of different styles and characters to choose from, starting one of these collections is fairly simple and opens you up to many different collection possibilities. While you may find action figures and bobbleheads at different stores around the world, there are some characters that are more collectible and popular than others. Some of the most collected bobblehead dolls and action figures can be worth a great deal of money, especially after being retired. If interested in starting or expanding

your current collection, consider purchasing these highly collectible items.

G.I. Joe Action Figures
G.I. Joe have been some of the most popular action figure collectibles since his prototype creation in 1963. Today, there are many different styles and sizes of G.I. Joe action figures available that some start collections simply based on this popular character. One of the most valuable G.I. Joe action figures was from the Don Levine collection which sold for an amazing $20,000. This character is appealing to both children and adults worldwide.

Barbie 1959
Barbie 1959

Every little girl loves to play with Barbie dolls without knowing that they could be worth money if kept in excellent condition. Some specialty Barbies such as Diamond Barbie is a rare collectible item that features real diamonds and gold jewelry. Barbies are so collectible because there are thousands of different doll figures to choose from. Design your collection around a specific theme such as wedding barbies or mix and match your favorite dolls in a variety of styles.

Star Wars
As one of the most popular movie series of all times, it’s no wonder that Star Wars action figures are some of the most collected of all time. These action figures first hit the market in 1978 and have continued to expand up until today. There are many different characters such as Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker and Obi-Wan to choose from. Many of these action figures have different features, are made from different materials and come in different sizes that will only add to your current collection.

Major League Baseball Bobbleheads
Bobblehead dolls are extremely popular collectible items with Major League Baseball players being some of the most popular. While some bobbleheads are simply silly, others have real value such as Mickey Mantle, Willie Mays and Cal Ripken Jr. Bobbleheads also come in special edition styles that are excellent to add to collections. Many choose to collect MLB bobbleheads to showcase their love for the sport and their favorite team players in a different and unique way than others..

Bobblehead Doll History

albert einstein bobbleheadThough they are now more popular than ever, bobblehead-style figurines have been around for years. Modern bobbleheads date back to at least the middle of the 19th century, and a similar wooden toy called an akabeko was made in Japan in the 17th century. Bobblehead materials have evolved over the years, and include wood, ceramics and plastic, as in contemporary bobbleheads.

Today’s bobblehead’s are available in all kinds of unique designs including sports figures, animals, famous historical personalities, celebrities and more. Bobbleheads appeal to all kinds of people, from children to grown-up sports fans and collectible toy enthusiasts. In response to this bobblehead craze, a number of high-end manufacturers are producing top-quality figures for collectors.

Bobbleheads were originally most popular as promotional toys, often featuring major sports figures and given to patrons at stadiums. Later, they became a popular advertising method, depicting brand mascots for a variety of products. Most recently, custom bobbleheads created for customers from photographs of themselves or their loved ones have become popular, with several retailers specializing in this type of figure. Custom producers can take a photograph and design a hilarious and realistic bobblehead “portrait.”

Bobbleheads have had the most popularity, however, as collectibles, and collectors can now buy their figures from a number of quality manufacturers. Funko, for example, creates bobbleheads using thousands of licensed characters from sports, movies, television and more, including celebrity images and famous advertising characters.  For historical bobblehead collectors, Royal Bobbles specializes in unique caricatures of famous figures from current politics or past centuries. Another quality producer is Bosley Bobbles, which also offers bobbleheads depicting a variety of popular characters and personalities.

Collectors looking for high-end bobbleheads from these and other manufacturers should look to bobbleheads.com as their online retailer of choice. As a premier vendor of quality bobbleheads, bobbleheads.com can help beginners build a collection or assist veteran collectors in finding their favorite characters. Their custom, personalized bobbleheads also make perfect gifts for birthdays and weddings. Anyone interested in these fun and collectible figures should try bobbleheads.com and experience their wide selection, top-notch custom bobbleheads and helpful customer service..

Premium Grade Action Figure Collecting

It is rare for any historical trend to be traceable to a single person, but in the world of action figures and collectibles there are two eras: before McFarlane and after McFarlane.

McFarlane Bon Jovi Action Figure
McFarlane Bon Jovi Action Figure

In 1994 superstar comics artist Todd McFarlane started McFarlane Toys. Using the profits from his successful work in comics he funded his dream, a toy company. He hired the best sculptors around and revolutionized the production process.

There was not much competition. At that time all the toys on the market were cheaply made and only the most generous observer could say that they resembled their inspirations. The Star Wars action figures of the 1980s are a great example of how moribund the industry was before 1994.

One of the largest problems was that, due to poor manufacturing techniques, it was nearly impossible to make a small piece of plastic in the likeness of a specific person’s face. The action figures of the 1980s and early 1990s were stuck with one or two faces for their entire lineup, simply because injection molded plastic could not be mass produced finely enough to get specific likenesses.

McFarlane changed all that. He adapted principles that had been learned in the fine art world, the miniature painting world, and the high pressure world of production comics. Drybrushing for highlights and glazes for deep shadows were developed. He sought out plastics manufacturers who would be willing to do the quality work that he required.

Most importantly, he limited the number of toys produced of each particular type. The best part was that his new system was so efficient that the average price did not rise. Instead, a new marketplace of premium grade collectible artistic figurines appeared. McFarlane is directly responsible for massively increasing the amount of money that people were willing to pay for an action figure. They were no longer collectible for their nostalgia value alone, but because they were art.

These benefits spread to all the corners of action figure manufacturing. Classic toys like bobbleheads found a new lease on life as the toy consumers multiplied and the techniques available to them increased. For the first time the industry had such depth that major plastics manufacturers would work with them to give them exactly what they needed, but small runs of specialty toys were still economically viable. Nostalgic favorites for generations, bobbleheads were usually made to resemble pop culture icons or prominent sports figures. The new technologies in the 90s combined with the enormous, affluent new customer base, meant that they could greatly expand their line of toys and improve their average level of quality.

The next revolution in premium grade collectible action figure products will certainly come from 3d printing. Bobbleheads.com will be leading the way in this, because they specialize in personalized bobbleheads for all purposes and occasions. 3d printing is becoming efficient and affordable, and it allows mass production of toys and other plastic goods in a way never before imagined. The possibilities are endless for personalized bobbleheads. Any shape that can be designed on a computer can be printed and painted. A bobblehead can be made as delicately as a flower or with as much mind-bending complexity as an M. C. Escher drawing. Thanks to the growing trend of sophisticated action figure collectors that toy manufacturers have inherited from Todd McFarlane, there will be an audience there to receive them..

Hasbros New Action Figure Releases

Action figure collectors around the world are especially excited this year by the announcements made by Hasbro in early February. This year there are two big reasons to haunt your favorite toy shop for newly-released action figures. First, Hasbro announced that a new set of G.I. JOE action figures celebrating the release of the new movie, G.I. JOE: Retaliation, starring Dwayne Johnson, Channing Tatum, and Bruce Willis. Second, Hasbro made several announcements in regard to their Marvel line of action figures, the most exciting of which may be the return of their 6″ action figure line titled Marvel Legends with 27 new hero figures.

In G.I. JOE: Retaliation, the G.I. JOE force is branded criminal and all but wiped out by a sly Cobra Commander who has managed to take over the White House by assuming the identity of the President of the United States. The G.I. JOES, led by Dwayne Johnson, seek the help of a retired JOE, played by Bruce Willis, to set things right. Hasbro has announced the release of both 12″ and 6″ G.I. JOE action figures based upon the film. However, only “Roadblock”, the character played by Dwayne Johnson, will join the classic 12″ line of G.I. JOE’s. Likenesses of all three action stars from the movie are portrayed on a variety of 6″ action figures packaged with various accessories. In addition to being beautifully crafted, there is an additional draw to this set of G.I. Joes — this may be the last time you can get an action figure modelled after Bruce Willis.

No less spectacular was the Marvel announcement. Over the course of 2013, Hasbro plans to release no less than 27 new 6″ Marvel action figures. Among the figures being added to the Marvel Legends line are Scarlet Spider, Black Panther, and Rocket Racoon. If you think only minor characters are being added, think again. Also being released for the Marvel Legends line are Ultimate Captain America, X-Force Wolverine, and Age of Apocalypse Jean Grey. If you’re like me, then you probably can’t wait to find out about the other 21 figures.

Hasbro also announced that it would be releasing 23 new Marvel 3.75″ action figures in a line to be called The Marvel Universe. Heroes and villains in this line will include Captain America, Thor, and Elektra, as well as Abomination, Baron Zemo, and the Red Skull. The detail on these figures must be seen to be believed and many collectors are already scouring stores for their favorites.

So as you can see, there is a lot to be excited about in regards to the 2013 Hasbro action figure releases. Fans have a lot to be happy about this year. Go check out Hasbro’s new action figures at a toy department near you; you won’t be disappointed..

Toy Collecting Trends

The popularity of the CBS television series The Big Bang Theory follows a group of geeks on adventures in daily life from vintage game nights to date nights. Sheldon Cooper, the quirky main character of the series, along with his friends, is an avid fan boy, collecting comic books and other memorabilia that many viewers would love to see, hold and call their own.Fan boys and girls of many comic book heroes have grown up and become adults more or less like Sheldon Cooper. Some of them carefully collected the comic books, action figures and toys depicting their favorite comic book heroes and villains. Others read and played with them until they wore each dearly loved item down to dust.With the making of several movies, including the recently released Iron Man 3, comic books and related collectible toys have increased in popularity and value. Additionally, limited-edition toys and other paraphernalia are being manufactured to satiate the appetites of adults who still love their childhood heroes as well as children and teens who are being introduced to these heroes for the first time.

These new collectibles come in a wide range of styles and price points. One particular favorite is the classic PEZ dispenser. Comic book fans can collect their favorite heroes, while fans of PEZ dispensers in general can collect unique pieces from across the spectrum of cultural icons.

Another favorite collectible is the bobble head. Super-hero bobble heads from places like www.bobbleheads.com can fill out a fan boy or girl’s collection of memorabilia with a unique piece, and they display in your work cubicle a little more stylishly than poseable action figures.

Of course, action figures are far too wonderful, not to mention too classic, to be snubbed. In the best of all worlds, collectors should always buy two of each action figure, one to play with and enjoy and the other to keep mint in package. Some of today’s most collectible action figures include the Marvel Universe Build a Figure collection. The careful detail on each figure makes these particularly popular with collectors, and their many points of articulation make them lots of fun for play and posing.

Comic book fans like Sheldon and his posse are sure to enjoy the many inspired toys now available to add to standing collections. Whether rebuilding a collection after years of admiring those who kept their collectibles in mint condition or simply adding to a fabulous collection kept well for years, fans can rejoice in the continued popularity of comic book toys and memorabilia..