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High End Bobblehead Collecting

Collecting bobbleheads may seem like a childish hobby to a lot of people, but those that collect them know that there is a lot of money to be made. It’s not unusual for some of the rarer bobbleheads to have a value well into the 4 figure range. Collecting them can be easy, but collecting […]

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Most Collected Action Figures and Bobblehead Dolls

Action figures and bobblehead dolls are some of the most widely collected types of products on the market. With a wide variety of different styles and characters to choose from, starting one of these collections is fairly simple and opens you up to many different collection possibilities. While you may find action figures and bobbleheads […]

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Bobblehead Doll History

Though they are now more popular than ever, bobblehead-style figurines have been around for years. Modern bobbleheads date back to at least the middle of the 19th century, and a similar wooden toy called an akabeko was made in Japan in the 17th century. Bobblehead materials have evolved over the years, and include wood, ceramics […]

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McFarlane Bon Jovi Action Figure

Premium Grade Action Figure Collecting

It is rare for any historical trend to be traceable to a single person, but in the world of action figures and collectibles there are two eras: before McFarlane and after McFarlane. In 1994 superstar comics artist Todd McFarlane started McFarlane Toys. Using the profits from his successful work in comics he funded his dream, […]

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Hasbros New Action Figure Releases

Action figure collectors around the world are especially excited this year by the announcements made by Hasbro in early February. This year there are two big reasons to haunt your favorite toy shop for newly-released action figures. First, Hasbro announced that a new set of G.I. JOE action figures celebrating the release of the new […]

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Photo Movie Courtesy of Marvel Comics

Toy Collecting Trends

The popularity of the CBS television series The Big Bang Theory follows a group of geeks on adventures in daily life from vintage game nights to date nights. Sheldon Cooper, the quirky main character of the series, along with his friends, is an avid fan boy, collecting comic books and other memorabilia that many viewers […]

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